Leveraging cutting-edge equipment, technologies and facilities

Research and Development

Research & Development activities focus on developing solutions that will enhance value for our customers, meet future global market expectations and support the development of our outstanding team; which enables us all to “Go Far Beyond!” Leveraging cutting-edge equipment, technologies and facilities.

Musashi continues to be a leading source for the development of components and solutions for OEM customers. Musashi has established a vertically integrated advanced research and development system that enables complete in-house process development including design and functional assurance.

Above all, our design and applied analysis utilizes our proprietary 3D, CAE analysis, and simulation technologies to help achieve compact, lightweight, durable and low-friction products.


The integrated production system from forging to assembly enables Musashi to provide competitive products. Musashi has established an integrated production system organically combining forging, lathing, heat treatment, finishing and assembling.

The integrated production system allows Musashi to promote “Kaizen” activities from the standpoint of total optimization to develop our strengths and overcome our weaknesses so that we are able to provide high quality, lower-cost products that satisfy our customers’ needs.

Musashi is seeking for the minimization of machining processes with advanced forging technologies. The establishment of tooth profile precision forging technology reduces the complicated and delicate lathing processes, which enables significant reduction of the product cost.

Supporting Technology

Die manufacturing technology

Musashi manufactures dies in house. Accumulating comprehensive engineering expertise of die development including designing and manufacturing.

We improve precision and life of the die, reduce the manufacturing period, and enhance our competitiveness.

Tool grinding technology

Musashi recycles tools used in various machining processes by regrinding the cutting tools. This eco-friendly technology is contributing to energy and cost savings.

In-House Machine Production

Our target is to have production lines operating at maximum efficiency and identify the unique and novel machinery needed to achieve this.

Musashi is capable of designing and manufacturing such machines internally.


Musashi Quality has dedicated labs for metallurgical analysis, including clean check analysis and production quality verification.

The metallurgical lab is capable of creating and polishing sample mounts in-house. We are able to evaluate microstructure utilizing stereomicroscopes as well as hardness through a micro-indentation hardness tester.

Our labs have multiple CMM machines allowing us to measure and evaluate multiple features such as gear profile. Rotary tables on the CMM machines allow for complex measuring.

Our gauge calibration team utilizes a digital data acquisition software to retain all gauge calibration records, schedule contracted calibrations, and manage active gauge locations. Utilizing a plant wide data acquisition software, we are able to record part quality and machine-run conditions with plant wide Andon alerts.

This data acquisition software evaluates all production stage quality in-house reducing cost with faster quality response and improving digital record retention.