Developing products with less environmental impact

Musashi Product Overview

With global climate change and pollution becoming more critical, social demands for environmental performance of transportation are growing every year. Regulations surrounding fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are increasing and are continuing to tighten further.

In response to growing regulations, Musashi will continue to develop products that cause less environmental impact through mobility to meet our stakeholders’ requests. We will proceed to innovate valuable products for society that are not only functional, but are also technologically advanced.

Powertrain Overview

Musashi’s Powertrain division designs, develops and manufactures original equipment components and innovative technologies to meet increasing customer demands, regulatory requirements and market trends in every region of the world. No matter the propulsion system, Musashi’s proprietary designs and manufacturing processes help create product solutions that support the reduction of emissions, improve fuel economy and enable advances in power transmission design and capability. Musashi is a leader in the OE light vehicle, commercial truck and off-highway markets.

Differential Assembly

The Differential Gear Assembly distributes all of the engine power coming through the input shaft, between output shafts driving the left and right wheels, while allowing the wheels to rotate at different speeds where necessary.


Planetary Assembly are used to match the rotational speed of the road wheels with that of the engine.


Musashi offers a variety of gears from Bevel Gears to Crown Wheel and other Transmission Gears that are for transferring the power from engine to wheels, whilst adjusting the rotational speed.


Camshafts are a part of a vehicle’s powertrain and are for functions such as opening and closing engine valves.

Linkage and Suspension Overview

Musashi’s Linkage and Suspension business covers ball joints and important safety parts requiring high reliability, which are used to connect the tire and the vehicle. Linkage and suspension systems work and adjust according to road conditions thus contributing to smooth steering and comfortable driving.

We provide compact, lightweight ball joints to our customers with an optimal shape and size for the application. We achieve this using highly accurate simulation technology and integrated inner processes through design. In turn, we are contributing to better driving comfort and experience. Musashi ball joints are manufactured and provided globally with highly efficient production systems based on the size series.

Suspension Arm

The suspension arm provides a secure link between the knuckle and the chassis for independent suspension systems.

Suspension Ball Joints

Ball joints provide pivoting movement between the steering knuckles and control arms. Ball joints are integrated, press-fit, or bolted to control arms. Some are attached to the knuckle.

Steering Ball Joints

Tie rods provide a pivoting movement between the steering knuckle and the steering mechanism to turn the front wheels.

Damper Fork

A damper fork is the connection between the strut and lower control arm in double wishbone and multi-link suspension systems.