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Who we are

Musashi embraces a Monozukuri culture where we contribute to enriched harmony between our lives and Earth, using our passion for technology and wisdom for innovation. 

We offer an open environment where you can collaborate and share your unique ideas to make an impact on the business and “Go Far Beyond!”

What we look for

We look for individuals who embody the ideals of customer service and recognize that all stakeholders are our customers. Individuals with integrity, creativity and passion- those who are willing to explore originality and to try new ideas and methods, inspire us.

You are a leader who respects individuality and diversity- capable of motivating others and contributing towards our team. We seek out individuals who smile and maintain a feeling of gratitude towards their peers, customers and community.

Why work with us

Musashi is involved in local communities with the goal for everyone to feel safe and work together to heal and nourish our planet; fostering harmony by investing in people’s lives, promoting value and balance in associates’ work experience. We offer a supportive work environment built on trust, integrity, communication and teamwork that encourages and cultivates creativity.

We embrace new ideas by creating an enhanced culture of teaching, mentoring, and coaching- encouraging respect without discouraging innovation.

Musashi offers an excellent benefit package that includes the following:

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