Complex Inspection Problems

Require Intelligent Solutions

Musashi AI’s automated deep learning inspection solutions will improve inspection accuracy, decrease costs, and will deliver incredible value to your business organization.

Intelligent Inspection with Deep Learning

Musashi AI employs deep learning to solve the difficult challenge of final goods inspection in harsh manufacturing environments. Our robust inspection algorithm is ready for implementation with minimal “good image” data and improves in performance over time as new defect data is collected.

An algorithm that fuses Object Detection and Anomaly Detection into a single architecture to achieve the best inspection performance possible.

  • Advanced Defect Detection
  • Defect Classification
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Feature Presence Confirmation
  • Part Assembly Verification
  • Avoids False Positives
  • Acceptable Part Variations
  • Low Initial Data Requirements

Object Detection

Our deep learning object detection algorithm performs improved defect detection, part feature confirmation and proper assembly verification all while ignoring the presence of non-defect surface imperfections. This algorithm enables defect counting, defect classification by type and location, and precision defect sizing through accurate measurement.

Anomaly Detection

Our deep learning anomaly detection algorithm intelligently identifies any known class of defects and all anomalies present on a material surface. Quickly deployed with minimal good image data required and due to the algorithms understanding of the acceptable variations of good parts, false positive and incorrect quality determinations are minimized.

What We Do

Intelligent Visual Inspection

 • AI algorithms
 • Improved inspection accuracy and consistency
 • High speed inspection and security (data stays on premise) with Edge AI

Automated Inspection Process

 • Fully automated with in-line, end-of-line or offline integration
 • PLC communication
 • Improved efficiency, production throughput and resource utilization

Quality 4.0 Transformation

 • Automated data capture with advanced visualizations and analytics
 • Improved performance monitoring and responsiveness to quality problems
 • Greater visibility and transparency of processes

Our Value to You

Superior Quality Output

  • Improved inspection accuracy
  • Fewer complaints and product recalls
  • Improved response to quality issues
  • Enhanced brand reputation

Lower Cost of Quality

  • Lower direct inspection costs
  • Fully automated solution (24/7 runtime)
  • Improved production efficiency and resource utilization
  • Less scrap and rework

Better Quality Insights

  • Automated data capture
  • Advanced analytics to enable better decisions
  • Improved performance monitoring and planning
  • Greater visibility and transparency of processes